Floating Editor Windows?

I was hoping that by now IDEA would have support for floating an editor window so that the viewing of 2+ source files at the same time. Moving from window to window via a tabbed pane is irritating, especially if you are trying to match keys/values in a resource bundle, or comparing strings and such. Or just trying to work on 2 files at the same time.

Anyone know if there are plans for adding this to a future release? A plugin perhaps? Or is it there?


Look at Menu -> Window -> Split horizontally / vertically. It's not floating, but it should help comparing two files.


Hey, thanks. Ya know, I noticed that there was a new "Split Vertically" option. I just never thought that you could select different files in the panes. I never noticed if you could do that in the eariler version of IDEA. I don't think you could, there was no tab on the divider to change. But, since I removed my version of 4.5, I can't look.

I still love this app!