OT: Trying out Mustang in IntelliJ: using subpixel anti-alias

I've been trying out Java 6 (b44) with IntelliJ 5 (b3424), and am trying to get the famous new subpixel anti-alias feature to work in simple Swing applications.

I'm NOT using an operating system with this feature: I'm using Windows 2000 right now, with "normal" anti-aliasing but obviously not subpixel-antialiasing enabled. In the blog by Chet Haase:


...it shows how subpixel anti-aliasing is enabled automatically when the O/S (windowing system) has enabled it. Having a look through classes such as:


...shows how this is applied, but frankly I got lost in the code (which I think is Java-implementation-specific, using Sun-only classes).

Apart from using Graphics2D to take the responsibility for painting the component myself, I can't see how to enable this programmatically for all Swing components (e.g.: JButton, JLabel) for any O/S or any look and feel.

Any ideas from other people out there on the bleeding edge?

- Chris


I've reposted on java.net's mustang forum, perhaps more relevant there... Anyone interested in following up should post there.


Hey, you made it to the the java.net front page.


Hey, you made it to the the java.net front page.

Guess there's not a lot of stuff to put on the front page these days then.. ;)

All the same, haven't found a solution yet. :(


It's now entered into the bug database at Sun, for anyone who's interested:

This is following on from a reply from Phil Race of the Java2D team.

I like community stuff! :)