Using App Server Libs with Java Module

I have a few multi-module projects where I have a web module and a Java module. The Java module provides various helper classes that are accessed by the web module. These helper classes work with a number of app server-specific classes, such as HttpRequest and others. They're NOT web modules: they're strictly code that is packaged up and used by web modules.

The problem is that web modules automatically have access to the Tomcat 4.0, Tomcat 5.0, or other app server-specific libraries, whatever app server is configured in the Web Module Settings tab on the Module Settings page. I would like to be able to include these libraries in my Java module on the Libraries tab, but they're not available. Apparently the libraries are implicitly created, but are not made available.

The obvious workaround is to create a global library that includes the libraries for the app server (e.g., servlet.jar, activation.jar, etc.). This is what I do and it works OK, but then I have two Tomcat libraries that have the same contents. If I switch between two app servers for various build options, then I have to have four Tomcat libraries, and so on.

If there was a way to be able to include these implicit global libraries in non-web modules, that'd be the bomb.