Debug option grayed out

I've been using debugging with XDebug since version 6 (currently on 7.1.3 build 133.982), and it's been working like a charm.  However, for some reason, starting today, the Debug window is not available, and breakpoints aren't working at all. I haven't changed anything in my PHP or Xdebug setup since it last worked (yesterday), so I'm not sure what could have triggered it.  Here's my setup:

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5
  • Mac built in Apache 2.2.26
  • Homebrew PHP 5.3.26
  • Homebrew Xdebug 2.3.3
  • using PHP Web Application debug configuration. configured server is working properly.
  • PHPInfo() shows xdebug enabled with xdebug.idekey = PHPSTORM

I'm not sure what the IDE looks for to enable this option, but everything has been working properly and is still set up. Can anyone tell me what might have changed or what else I might be missing?



Screenshots with details please.

Right now (based on your "suddenly stopped working") I may only suggest to restart whole computer (in case of a some glitch) .. or backup and delete project settings (.idea subfolder) and re-configure project from scratch (if the problem in project settings, of course)


Restarting the computer didn't do it, but deleting the .idea directory seemed to do the trick.  The interesting thing is that debugging wouldn't work in any project, not just the one I was working in, but once I got it working again in one project, it started working in all the other ones, too.



I modified the suggestion a bit, and deleted only the <project folder>/.idea/workspace.xml file. I did have to redo the run configurations from scratch and re-arrange again my Project and Structure windows (shortcut keys Alt-1 and Alt-7 respectively) to show up in split window mode like I prefer, but beyond that no additional work needed, and now the Run and Debug menu entries are not grayed out anymore. It appears some unknown laptop glitch apepars to be culprit. Like @Steve Edwards, I also restarted machine but to no avail:



This is my version of IntelliJ: