still flummoxed...

The documentation doesn't seem to be clear about how updates to my bean are reflected in the UI. I'm not sure if there's some wizadry behind the scenes or whether I need to repaint components.

I assumed there was some automagic at work but it's not doing its thing if there is.

I've created a form and bound it to the variables in my class. The variables are then updated in the class. Should the new values be automatically reflected on the screen.


to be specific about my problem...

I have a JLabel in my form that is bound to my java class. In the java class I set the text of the JLabel and I expect it to show up in the UI but it isn't happening. I even use a repaintManager to repaint the containing component but still nothing.

Can anyone confirm my expectations are not wrong. Or even confirm that they are.


I guess you are expecting tooo much. If I understood correctly IDEA GUI designer is one-way. Means, it binds and generates code but does not create UI from your code changes.

There is some nice word for this concept, "LiveSource" or something, which is what you are expecting.


without looking at your code it is difficult to deduce the problem (but I won't let that stop me... :). Hopefully I understood your question. Please re-ask if I answer it wrong.

Make sure that you have the label (in the form) bound to the JLabel in your code. Then it should be a simple matter of setting the field (even in the constructor for the panel which contains the label).

Example code ensues (remember, you get what you pay for):

When the code runs, the label in the window contains the text "some new text" as expected.

hope this helps.
:) bobse