Remote debugging hangs / takes very long time

I downloaded and installed the IDEA 4.0 and configured my project[I didnt import my IDEA 3.0 project, just did a fresh configuration]. Code editing, ANT compilation everything works great.

But remote debugging is very slow, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for "Step Next" operation]]>. When I click "Step Next", debugger window displays a message "Waiting until expression evaluation completes" and it sits there for 15 mins.

I never had remote debugging problems with IDEA 3.0, but remote debugging in 4.0 is very very slow.

Is there are any properties that I can turn off to make the debugger faster. I have already disabled the option "Use alternate view for collections". Still my debugging is very slow.

Any ideas whats is going wrong?


I'm running my server and IDEA on the same machine. Machine configuration is P4 2.66 GHz / 512 MB RAM. I am using JDK 131_06.