Dumb question: creating new class


THis may sound like a dumb question but... How do you create a new class for a project, without having to go through your source path. My project uses a long list of source directories (over 20). Whenever I need to add a new class, I have to locate the proper directory, open all the nodes until I find the proper package directory then do the Edit | New Class... stuff. I find that a bit tedious. Often, I will be adding classes in the same directory where I'm currently editing a file.

Is it possibple to either:

- Synchronize the directory pane (on the left) with the currently edited file
- Create a new class using the same source directory and package name as the current class
- Another way to do this that I'm not seeing?



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Try <alt-F1> or View|Select In... menu item

Todd Breiholz