Local Changes Combine with ftp upload

The Task is Apply some changes to remote.
Everytime i have an local and an remote-server for development. Combined with svn.

Changes was tested localy now i will upload the changes to remote-server.
Phpstorms brings an ftp compare with remote function. That works fine.
But i Know what i have changed.
Changes marked in changelist.

So i think it is an good task mark the files in changes list -> rightClick-> Upload it.

Perhaps other user need want this feature also?!
It will be save some Time



upload from changes is already implemented. Make sure you have default server configures, and your changes are under mapped directory of it. For more info please look to ussue.


...Thanks a lot. I have found it... Day starts perfect.

Descr. Go To Changelist -> mark an Changelist | mark Files -> upload | upload To -> finsih.
Directory / Directories must be be mapped in Deployment config