Sharing preferences across machines with Dropbox

Hi all,

I was wondering if it was possible to setup WebStorm so that I could share the same preferences between machines?

Usually I do this by placing an app's preferences in Dropbox and linking to it from where they usually sit on the hard drive.

Has anyone had experience with this? I know some apps don't like this sort of setup, so I was wondering if someone had done so with WebStorm and what they thought.




Hi there,

Are you talking about IDE wide settings or project settings? I assume it's about IDE wide.

1. The official way is to use "File | Export Settings..." of one machine and then "File | Import Settings..." on second one when you need it.

2. There is also a plugin just for this purpose (to use the same settings for the same developer on different machines) -- IntelliJ Configuration Server Plugin --

3. You can also use it with Dropbox, it will work. Just make sure that IDE is used on one machine at a time because settings files are modified pretty much all the time (at least some of the files) but they are read only on startup (which means, if you make changes on one machine the running IDE on second one will not see it until restarted (if at all).


I do that very thing, but I use SugarSync and I just sync the .webIde5/config folder (not the system folder.) Works very well. However, sometimes weird things can happen if have two open at once, but nothing ever that's a big deal.


Hi Andriy,

Thanks for the response. Sorry, yes, I did mean IDE wide settings. I will try it with Dropbox and see how it goes, otherwise I'll checkout the plugin you recommend.