Unable to type some chars


Good evening,

I'm unable to type some chars like $ - / in the editor.
I tested to type thoose chars in other application and there this works fine.
Do you have any ideas whats the problem?

System: PHPStorm 4.0.1 / Windows 7 64 bit / Java 6 (Build 1.6.0_31-b05)


Hi Rene,

Please disable all 3rd party (not default) plugins, restart and check again. In the past I have seen the same behavior if you have Extended Code Sense plugin installed.

If the above plugin is not the reason for that, then please check keymap for conflicts:

  1. Settings | Keymap
  2. Click on Funnel like icon
  3. Type your shortcut (in your case just $ )
  4. See what actions have that key assigned to.

It should have none. If it has -- then it's the reason.


Hello Andriy,

Extended Code Sense was the problem. Thanks for your quick help :)


Plugin Typeless bring the same error on German Win10 OS !