Webstorm with .htaccess

Hi all.
I use webstorm 3.0 with windows XP.

It seems that Windows cannnot care with ".htaccess" because extension problem.
Webstom also cannot deal with it?

I make ".htaccess" directly @ FTP-server.
but Webstorm delete every time.

I wanna avoid this.


Hi Shuntaro,

PhpStorm as well as WebStorm handles .htaccess just fine on any OS (including Windows XP): in Project View panel via right click .. or just by using File | New ... | File -- now just type .htaccess and file will be created.

As for FTP issue (file gets deleted), try this:

  • Settings | Deployment
  • Select your deployment entry of FTP type
  • Click on "Advanced options..."  button
  • Make sure that "Show and process hidden files" is checked (if file name starts with dot, it is considered hidden)

That file may get deleted from FTP server if you are using automatic deployment or synchronizing manually and that file is NOT present in your local project (and you have option "Delete target if source is missing" -- check Settings | Deployment | Options).


As a side note, .htaccess can be created in windows OS from the windows command prompt.