Upgrade from PHPStorm to IntelliJ is a breeze

Hi all,

I was testing PHPStorm and am exited but wasn't sure if I would buy PHPStorm or the whole package.
I knew from this sites that PHPStorm is a subset of IntelliJ, but I was afraid of upgrading to test IntelliJ, beause I didn't want to spend a whole day at reconfiguring yet another workspace.
So I was looking for information on how to upgrade from PHPStorm to IntelliJ and couldn't find any - and now I know why: its a breeze. 10minutes and you work as you did in PHPStorm.

FYI: you install IntelliJ in a new directory, open it and choose open project and the path to your project and thats almost it - you find yourself in the exact same environement you were when you closed PHPStorm.

The only thing that is left: You have to install the respective plugins you used in PHPStorm and configure deployment:
In my case this was:
1. Tools/Deployment/Configuration -> same as in PHPStorm
2. Tools/XDebug proxy -> same as in PHPStorm (IDEkey form PHP.ini, host as in deployment, Port as in PHP.ini)
3. Install CSSX-extension: Settings/Plugins/tab:Available-> rightclick on CSSX-> install - restart
4. copy some of the IDESettings: in my case: from Johannes/.WebIde10/colors to Johannes/.IntelliJIdea10/config/colors, same for all custom settings you made to the IDE like codestyle, keymaps. I didnt dare to copy plugins-> you might be better off installing them like I described above
5. select the appropriate schemes in the settings dialog (e.g. Settings/Editor/Colors&fonts -> scheme name-dropdown)

The whole process took me less time than it took me to write it up ...

Hope this helps someone


Thanks for sharing your experience!


Thanks for sharing Johannes, what's the added value for using the getting the whole InterlliJ platform ?


... that I am not stuck with Web Development. I have been programming in Delphi and C/C# for a long time and would like to try Java.
I didn't want to abandon the (old) delphi IDE but this comes close ;)

I dont think theres anything in IntelliJ that a webdesigner would need and wouldn't find in PHPStorm (correct me if I'm wrong Alex...)


Can someone answer a question for me?

What am I missing, if anything, by using the full version of IntelliJ IDEA rather than WebStorm?

I am a client side developer in a Java project. I spend all day coding JavaScript. I use the full version of IntelliJ IDEA, but I don't have any add-ons. When I bought the app, I looked at some add-ons, but I think I was having some trouble including them (some proxy issues from working at a financial institution).

Am I missing any client side developer features included in WebStorm that are not in IntelliJ IDEA? If so, are there modules/addons that I could use to have those features available to me? Should I just abort my full IDEA license (not sure what that means) and purchase a WebStorm license?

I am a big fan of JetBrains products and I want to make sure I am getting the full feature set relative to my work stream (clientside dev in a Java project)

Thanks so much!


As far as I see nothing (thats also what Jetbrain states. (Except the easier setup of a project, but when you are already using IntelliJ that shouldn't be an argument for you.)

I started with PHPStorm and upgraded my trial to IntelliJ -> and after organising myself I couldn't make a difference wheter I had PHPStorm or IntelliJ open. They even use the same project files.

Hope this helps


That is very helpful. Thanks!