Some questions about program behaviour


1. when I have a php file and a var like $foo, I can simple doubleclick into the middle and the entire var is selected. When I have a var like $foo_bar, I need to doubleclick at the left side of the _ to select the entire var. But is there a way to select a var like $foo_bar_foo with a doublelick?

2. I can indent code blocks with the tab key from the left to the right. Is there a way to push code blocks from the right to the left?



Hi Heidi,

1) Try un-ticking File | Settings | Editor --> Advanced mouse usages --> Honor "CamelHumps" words settings when selecting on double click

2) Shift+Tab or whatever other shortcut you have for Edit | Unindent Selection


You are incredible fast and all is correct! thanks!!


No more than a coincidence.