Search & Replace for PHP object to array and vice versa


I'm wondering if WebIDE provides a search & replace feature that allows a user to search for a variable that's an object and convert it to an array and visa versa?  (I know it's possible with RegEx but it would be nice just to be able to say variable "$post" and select object -> array or array ->object, for example:

$post->title = "Test";

$post->slug = "test";

$post->body = 'This is a test of ...';

It would be really nice if this could easily be converted to this, and vice versa:

$post['title'] = "Test";

$post['slug'] = "test";

$post['body'] = 'This is a test of ...';

I find myself doing this type of search and replace far more often than I'd like.  If there isn't a built in way I'd like to subject a feature request.



It is possible to create such intention. Please file the details to issue tracker so everybody can vote and track progress.