Bookmarks: a question and an issue

I'm adding bookmarks to my bag of tricks but hitting a couple of snags.
The Question is: can I change the color of the bookmark markers in the right gutter? Am I missing this in the settings?

The issue: sometimes I cannot remove a (plain, no mnemonic)  bookmark; F11 adds a second marker in the left gutter.
The only way to get rid of the marker seems to be to delete the line from the text and then paste it back in.
As I say it only happens sometimes, but I can't spot the pattern. Mainly in .php files I think.

By the way, I think WebIDE is a great idea. I find myself doing PHP more than I really like and this is a great help.



Making marker color a configurable is a known request, please vote at this will help giving it a higher priority.

Second issue is fixed, the fix will be available in the next EAP build.

Thanks for report!