Settings for bin/webide.exe.vmoptions


(PHP version)

I've been juggling with bin/webide.exe.vmoptions - what would be appropriate settings for a 2gig machine? I currently have


, but Web IDE keeps freezing from time to time so I have to kill it, and on re-open it indexes the whole project tree again. The data is on a network drive btw.

Also, it freezes whenever I reopen a big project in This Window when another big project is still open - "Loading components.." forever. I have to kill it, but then the FIRST project opens and also everything has to be indexed again.

Any ideas anyone?



There's no sence in giving more than 600M heap to WI. We also don't need that much or perm gen space, you can easily stick to default.
The problem is that EAP builds of WI are targeted to deliver new experimental features and we spent time optimizing it only if we see it's really necessary. Optimization will be started after feature freeze, that will happen closer to end of 1.0 release cycle.
Speaking of optimization - can you give us some stats on your project - number of files, size, number of classes/functions/globals/constants, deepest/typical level of inheritance, framework used - and anything you may found useful. This info will be used for planning stress tests/profiling sessions.