New logo much worse!


Please return previous picture of owl. It looks much nicer than this kind of "rainbow". Or please provide a tip how to change the pciture manually. Thanks.


+1 why would you get rid of the owl? X-(:O:_|


It nice to hear that you have only one serious problem in IntelliJ IDEA 15 RC2


It's just the first thing I've noticed! But this is major issue, because from now on everyone is forced to watch this new creepy logo at least once a day! :(


I was just going to make a post saying I'm sure going to miss the Owl and found this post. I always thought that was a really slick splah screen.I don't quite have the disdain that Mikhail does for the new splash screen. But I think #BringBackTheOwl may start trending in Social Media - lol.


That's cool! But I really really hope that by "new splashes" you meant The old one. Anyway, feedback is appreciated.


+1 ... I want to make it clear, my +1 is to Maxim Mossienko's response. Lighten up and smile folks... remember writing software is fun! :p


Yep I agree, such a great piece of design. Much, much preferable the the current one


The Owl fit better with Darcula too.
However, it would be cool if you could customise the splash screen.
e.g. I am accessing IDEA via a license sever so it would be a cool feature if my company logo could be inserted on the corner of the splash or replace the splash or something