Git and tasks suggestion



I'd like to see 2 features:

  • I use a lot of git branches, and I'd like to quickly delete them from local repository. Now I need to click on every branch separately and click "delete". I'd like some kind of multiple selections mode for branches.
  • In the "Open Task" window you can create a new branch from another branch. However only local branches are shown in the dropdown. I often need to create a new branch from a remote branch - currently I need to fetch git, checkout that remote branch and then I can create a new one. It would be nice if it was automated.

I also need the first feature.

If IDE not support, considering plugin to enhance the feat


In the IntelliJ 2020 EAP, it's possible to manage local/remote branches better - you can also select multiple branches and delete them easily:


Currently, Open Task supports remote branches as well:


Nice, I will have a try!