PyCharm interpreter can't find new packages


So this has confused me because it's worked perfectly fine in the past. Adding packages to my project interpreter no longer seems to find any packages. Even simple things like pip or numpy don't show up when I search for them.

Just so I know, are there usually more repositories than '' under 'Manage Repositories'?

I could've sworn there was a longer list of them but now that's the only repository I have listed.




No, sadly not yet. I was able to use the package manager on the PowerShell, but haven't adjusted the settings in PyCharm yet. We are in the final phase of a project, so I do not find the time to adjust the settings at the moment and use an older system with a running environment. But it seems to be connected to the repositories set in the overall conda configuration.


Eike Spielberg Thanks for your response. I agree that it has to do with conda configuration somewhere. I install things with pip inside pycharm for now. The main hassle for me is updating packages already installed. I'll post a separate question with specific details of my case in hope of getting an answer from developers. 


I think I had the same issue and in my case it helps to add "conda-forge" to the repositories.

Long Version:
In a project with a conda-environment I could not find the pysimplegui package in the list of available packages.
File -> Settings -> Project -> Python Interpreter -> +
But there is a button "Manage Repositories" and in the list is the only entry "defaults". I add "conda-forge" and after a minute to update package list, pysimplegui was able to install.
Manage Repositories -> + -> "conda-forge" -> OK

Maybe some one helps, good luck and have a nice day.