Debugger history search not updating

Currently a few days into my WebStorm trial, and I'm really enjoying what you've done with the debugger. It's fantastically useful.


The one pain point I'm having is with history search. The ↑/↓ keys do cycle through statements I've input before, but the statements are not updating. My 'debugger history' consists of a few statements cached from my first debugger session, and that's it. The history is stale.  Is there maybe a local configuration setting that might interfere with WebStorm's ability to keep the history consistently up-to-date?


Looks similar to Are you on mac OSX? Works for me on Windows..


Good catch, Elena. Yes this appears to be the same issue. I'm using WebStorm 2016.2 on OSX 10.10.5.

Edit: I'd like to help if I can by posting my log file. Would you kindly let me know if there's a best place for me to do so?