Ligature support - not all fonts supported


Hey all,

I'm now well and hooked on having ligatures working in my IntelliJ that I was super stoked to learn my favourite coding font ( ) now supported ligatures but was greatly saddened to see that IntelliJ failed to render those ligatures ( neither does BB Edit, and I believe its the way the font is made ).

This is being tracked on the Fonts github issue tracker - and I see mentioned in a related issue ( ) that the font is made currently with "liga" rather than "calc", I was wondering if this was something that would be easily supported in the IntelliJ font renderer, as I guess there may be other fonts built the same.

I'm running IntelliJ Community (HEAD@master) against the JDK8 dev builds and all other ligature fonts ( mostly Fira Code ) seem to render lovely ( except for the auto-complete drop down that has weird spacing ).

Whats everyone elses experience with ligature support?




'liga' is expected to work fine in IDEA, just as 'calc'. Have you tried running IDEA with JetBrains Runtime (I didn't understand what JDK8 dev build you mean)?


Everything works fine under the Jetbrains Runtine, by JDK8 dev builds I mean those from - which soon become the released JDKs. I should try with a final release as well. 

shows some of the weird behaviour I see under the dev JDK8 builds.

Are the changes in the Jetbrains Runtime being contributed back to OpenJDK at all?



We try to contribute our changes to OpenJDK, but this process can be very slow. As for your particular problem, it's probably related to the migration from ICU to Harfbuzz layout engine, which was performed in OpenJDK 9 in the first place, and backported to JetBrains Runtime, based on OpenJDK 8.