Viewing temporary tables in the Table Editor


Is there a way to view temporary tables in the Table Editor?

In the DB console I create a temporary table, but even after resynchronizing my tables list I don't see it listed anywhere. It also doesn't show up under the "Search Everywhere" dialog. It does however, show up in through SQL autocompletion.




Still actual? Afer 7 years, I still can't find my TEMP table in a PostgreSQL DB.


Temp tables are working for both: Autocompletion and Database Explorer in DataGrip. Key points to remember is that all temp tables are stored in internal schema pg_temp in Postgres. To see this schema, you need to introspect it by enabling the following checkbox in your data source properties

Another thing to keep in mind is that temp tables are session-based, so if you are working in different consoles, it's recommended to enable Single Session Mode in your data source properties. 

Once you have your data source set up and initiated a Refresh, you should see all your newly created temp tables under pg_temp schema.