Performance issues / workflow when switching branches

I've posted in the past about general performance problems in CLion and while they seem to improving with each build, I still notice a significant problem when switching branches in git.  This is somewhat expected since in my case there are often significant changes to the CMakeLists.txt between two branches.  I am a little surprised at the amount of time it takes.  I just did a branch switch and my entire UI froze for about 45 seconds - the UI came back after this but the process of reloading CMake files / reading symbols / saving symbols took another 3 minutes to complete after that.  So question #1 is: should I file a bug specific to switching branches or is this going to be addressed along with general performance problems with indexing?

Question #2 is regarding workflow.  A common workflow I have is if I am working on feature branch A, I want to pull master, merge master into A and then keep working on A.  Right now I have to do this in CLion:

Switch to master (wait 2-3 minutes in CLion for everything to reload)

Pull master (wait another 2-3 minutes if master has changed significantly)

Switch back to branch A (wait 2-3 minutes while CLion reloads)

Merge master into A

So I'd like to know - is this the right workflow or is there some shortcut?  And, do you think it would make sense to somehow defer loading CMake/reindexing after a branch switch operation if I know that I'm going to merge and switch right back?


i have the same problem with Intellij 2018 3.1


can anybody help me?


Hi, Florian,

Please report your problem using this form. Thank you.