Has anyone succesfully installed vmprof on a 64 bit Windows platform?


PyCharm 2016.2 added vmprof Profiler Support.

`vmprof` will not install on my Windows 7 (64 bit) platform. The error messages point to 64/32 bit problems with the compiler*.

The requirements for vmprof state that it will only run on x86 (32 bit). That means that the compiler must be told to compile a 32 bit executable. If that's a failure in `vmprof`'s PyPi packaging then everybody else using a 64 bit Windows platform will be having the same problem.

A detailed plea for help can be found on SO.



There is an open issue on the vmprof team's github repository.


The issue in vmprof itself (mentioned by Stephen Rigden) is currenly fixed. And it works from the terminal.

However, PyCharm's integration is still broken, in particular, take a looks at this.