Redshift Database View Error

Hi, I have two DB connections at the moment - one MySQL and one for Redshift.  They're both working very well and I'm happy with the editor in general - however, there is one annoying issue.

With MySQL, whenever I add or drop a table, this is immediately reflected in the Database View.  But with the Redshift connection, this never gets updated, and the list of tables appear as they did when I first set up the connection.

The current list of tables is up to date in any other editor I use, like SQLWorkbenchJ.

Can you please advise?



Is Auto-sync turned on?


Hi Maxim, yes auto-sync is indeed turned on.  

The problem seems to be getting worse as well - I used to turn auto-sync off and ok it, disconnect, reconnect (synchronise) and then turn it back on.  That seemed to update the table view, however this no longer seems to work.


This was resolved by the last update.