Pre-Install PyCharm Helper ?




  Is there any way to pre-install the helpers?  I have lots of systems on AWS which sooner or later will require some PyCharm debugging.  Seems like a waste of time to wait for helpers to upload every time I have a new problem.




The same here. Upload of pycharm helpers sometimes is realy slow.

So it would be nice to upload the whole helper as one package and then extract it (for realy better performance) or have a possibility to pre-install it.


I agree, we need a way to pre-install or at least upload and install PyCharm helpers on a target system.  Especially since the PyCharm helpers don't want to "stick".  I have an AWS system and just finished registering the remote Python virtualenv with SSH credentials in the "Project Interpreter", one account, one AWS IP address.  And within the EXACT SAME PyCharm SESSION PyCharm is YET AGAIN UPLOADING THE PyCharm HELPERS.  At 15 or 20 minutes per upload, I can't afford that.  If I had a way to UNZIP / UNTGZ the thing into ${HOME}/.pycharm_helpers, or wherever it goes, that would be awesome.


I have the same issue. Would love the ability to add the deployment of helpers to the config management scripts that creates our instances.


Any news on this? It's ridiculously slow