WebStorm Indexing is Slow

My indexing of a very small Angular2 project (really, not much more than the CLI seed) takes a long time indexing on my MacBook Pro.  One recommendation in StackOverflow was to exclude files such as the node_modules library.  I right-clicked on that in the Project window and selected Mark as Excluded.  Was that the right thing to do? How to I return it to the original state if I have a problem?  Also, is there anything else I should mark as excluded in order to speed up indexing?


Please try excluding the build target directories ( tmp and dist folders and other dynamically generated folders) from project (Mark directory as/Excluded) - does it make things any better?


I have the same problem.
Macbook pro + Webstorm + default angular2 seed (any of them mgchev, official angular…) and not only the indexing is slow, but often WS freezes for seconds, often I see the characters I type appearing secondS later, toggling a folder in project view takes second and it makes it unbearable.
I tried with Atom and it's absolutely flawless, but it's not WS, however this slowness is completely unacceptable.
The dist and node_modules are already excluded by default somehow.


I found out that helps if you exclude also the ".git" and "tmp" directory.
Try it out.


I'm having the same issues, today after updating to latest 2016.3 it took > 2h to do the indexing of a single project.
The performance of the indexer is just getting worse after every release, its depressing.


Please try invalidating caches; if the problem persists, please attach your idea.log