ssh urls for git under windows


When I use an ssh url (of the form luser@host:/path/to/repo) for my git repository on a macbook, everything goes snicker-snack and I can pull a clone of the master and work on it in pycharm.  The same is not true for Windows.  When I use enter the same repo url into the dialog box, the test connect fails.  Is this a known limitation of the windows implementation, or is there further configuration that is required for git integration on the windows platform?  Or is do I need the commercial version because of the need for ssh/scp support in windows?




Sorry for delay with reply. If the problem is still relevant for you please check:
What ssh executable do you use in Settings (Preferences for OS X) | Version Control | Git : Built-In or Native? Check that the settings are correct: full path to ssh executable is specified. If it doesn't help please upload your log file (Help| show log in) to  and specify its name here.