RubyMine Slowness/Hangs when editing React js/jsx files in a Rails project

Posting this in hopes it'll help someone else from dealing with the frustration of this, since I couldn't find a solution listed in the forums or kb.

Be sure to clean out old javascript packs from the public/packs folder regularly. It appears that RubyMine searches/indexes those packs for autocompletion, or some other purpose. Whatever the reason, over time, you'll find editing a React files with JSX to become a very frustrating ordeal as just scrolling the file will cause hang after hang of the IDE.

Cleaned out the packs and performance is back to what I expect from RubyMine. It's possible that this is documented somewhere and I just couldn't find it, but hopefully someone else in that position will find this on.  


Hello Gordon,

you can also mark that folder as excluded. In addition, we have a request for handling these situations: