IntelliJ Ultimate: Split Terminal


In a terminal it is possible to have multiple tabs. Is it also possible to split to terminal to see 2 tabs at the same time?


Hello Roeland,

Feel free to vote for the related request on YouTrack:

As a workaround you could drag terminal tab to separate window or move it to editor tabs, so you could use split mode there.




At the time, seems you could right click and "Split vertically" the terminal. Although I didn't find any keyboard shortcut for this as VS Code has a shortcut for it.


You can assign a shortcut for this action in Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Keymap | All Actions | Plug-ins | Terminal :

By the way, you can move the terminal tab to the editor and split it vertically/horizontally. 



You can assign shortcuts to this actions, but as you are in a terminal, it will be taken as a terminal input :(


Please disable "Override IDE shortcuts" option in "Settings/Preferences | Tools | Terminal"