Please update Gradle plugin for latest

Gradle plugin has version 4.0 and it is not compatible with Java version "9.0.4", so when I create New Gradle project using 'Use default gradle wrapper(recommended)" it is using(or downloading) Gradle version 4.0 automatically and then after it sync the project. I have installed latest Java(9.0.4) so at synch time it throws an error that :

Could not determine java version from ‘9.0.4’

I had to install manually Gradle 4.5 files to Gradle>libs folder 

IntelliJ IDEA I am using:

  • Version: 2017.3.4
  • Build: 173.4548.28
  • Released: January 30, 2018

I can confirm that this bug exists.


The way I fixed it on OSX was to go to:

Intellij IDEA --> Preferences --> Build, Execution, Deployment --> Gradle 

Change to 'Use local gradle distribution'

Change 'Gradle home' to '/usr/local/opt/grade/libexec'


I tried the solution from Trent, but it does not work.


Should i install manually gradle before? 


Gradle itself works fine. Plugin is a problem maker.


UPD. Solved by upgrading to idea-IC-181.4445.78


Trent's workaround works for me, please fix this bug, one of the points to use gradle is use the wrapper and DON'T NEED INSTALL GRADLE LOCALLY





For those who land on this page because they are looking for how to update Gradle in IntelliJ.
This page explains that relatively well:

With me (Windows) it was:
gradlew.bat wrapper --gradle-version 6.6.1