cLion IDE doesn't find declaration of class if there is a forward declaration


 (For some reason) the source code I am working with has a forward declaration


    class Foo;


and later on a real declaration


    class Foo { Foo(string foo_name); }


but the IDE doesn't find the real declaration.



Hi, Alan.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please send us a code example?


Hi Anna - thanks for responding so quickly!  I tried out a couple of simple test cases, and it seems cLion is finding the definition with no problems.  So I have to dig deeper into the (very complicated) build.  Sorry for the bother. - Alan


IDE find real declaration, but mark it as unused struct when inspect code (it's used)... I think it's wrong behaviour.


@Morp007, please provide a code snippet and specify the CLion version you use.


I am encountering the same issue. I can't provide a minimal example, but I can provide a reproducible one:

- Clone
- Open src/recording/macromanager.h or src/mixxx.h
- Ctrl-Click on MacroManager - it will go to the forward declaration in mixxx.h instead of macromanager.cpp/macromanager.h