Running scripts on currently started iPython console


I started using Pycharm and managed to have the python prompt running after a file is run (fixed here with this issue) and I found how to run pieces of code in the current iPython console (link), but those are run in the pycharm console, I cannot make the piece of code run in the iPython console opened by running my original script.

For data science, however, it is very convenient to have a single iPython console/Python kernel where I can run files and code, just like Spyder does, and continue using the same started python kernel. For example to load a big amount of data with a script and write another script or pieces of code for plotting in different ways, exploring the data.

Is there a way in Pycharm to do it?

I think that it would imply generating automatically and running a line like: runfile('C:/temp/my_project/src/console/', wdir='C:/temp/my_project/src')

If the option does not exist, is it possible to make a macro or similar to do it?

The option "Single instance only" in Edit configurations doesn't help.


PS: Congratulations for Pycharm, it is absolutely amazing