Run code selected in running ipython console


In Pycharm, you can have a running iPython console after running your script with the "Show command line afterwards" option.

It is also possible to run the code selected with ALT + SHIFT + E.

But it runs the code in the Python console of Pycharm, not in the iPython console opened when running a script as described above.

Is it possible to run pieces of code likewise in that console were your script was run?


Hi, after all this time I still think that it would be nice to fix this little issue. The 2 only ways that I can run a python script and then have something else run in the opened console (with the results from the script in memory) are:

- Not use windowed mode for the console, forcing me to have a strange big window containing editor and console across the 2 screens I use (if I use windowed mode for the console, the target of the command Ctrl+Alt+E will be the Python console, where the script was not run).

- I found "PyCharm cell mode" plugin which allows running pieces of code in the console opened when a python script, and will target correctly the console resulting from running the python script even if it is windowed. 

In any case thanks for creating such a great IDE!