Feature request: always show directory in editor tabs


In addition to the existing setting "Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique file names", I wish I could have an option to always show directory in editor tabs. 


Please feel free to create a feature request about it in the corresponding issue tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA.


+1 for this

The filenames I can see in the Recent Files (Cmd-E) popup is what I would expect to see in tabs.

I've limited the number of my tabs to 1, though, but I split my editor area both horizontally and vertically.

I also work in a monorepo, where some code is copy-pasted around at different stages of its evolution,
so they occupy the same namespaces.

Some other threads mentioned that we can keep the nativation bar visible and that would show the
*currently* focused tab's full location, but it doesn't help when it comes to deciding which window split
do I want to jump to.

Has there any tickets been created for this issue yet?


+1 for this.

For projects like Django where the folder structure can get very repetitive with apps, its a headache to know which "view.py"/"model.py"/"urls.py" is open....

I've created an issue for PyCharm - feel free to upvote




Indeed for Django project it would really helps.