Clion community version


Hi! I saw this post from 3 years ago, and I am just wondering if a community edition of Clion will come anytime soon, or at least a clion plugin for intelji IDE community, which would be really nice!! I currently use it with a student license as a c++ learner and I found it to be by far the best IDE for c/c++ on linux, as well as pycharm is for python.

With those debugging tools, cmake support and automation and intelligence on a community driven open sourced IDE I think there would be no limits for this project. Many people have difficult with c/c++ and specially on linux, there isn't a totally free tool with such capabilities yet.





I can't give you any ETA about making CLion available as IntelliJ plugin, but please stay tuned and follow to get updates.

Also please don't forget that we have discounted and complimentary licenses: for example, free licenses for open source projects and discounts for startups. All discounts are described here:


Among all the IDES I have used and interacted with in my life, Jetbrains has so far stolen my heart, with its fascinating futures, and everything in it. currently, I'm a student with a desire to learn and further deepen my knowledge and skills. without JetBrains my programming life becomes dead. another thing I like about JetBrains so much is that whatever piece of function you use on not use, is has some notes on it hence learning and understanding a particular language becomes easy. having enterprise editions for your products is not bad since your products are worth it but you should have community editions for the less privileged like what you did in Pycharm and Interlij. can you also release community editions in Clion and Rider, becoz so your you have partially chassed us from the game