Change markers missing from gutter


Using Intellij 2017.3.4:

The VCS change markers aren't appearing in the gutters of the editor.  

The changes do show up in the Version Control pane in the Local Changes tab.  They also do show up in the diff, when (in the editor) I select VCS > Git > Compare With Same Repository Version.  

They're simply invisible in the editor gutter. 

Any help?

Thanks, Mark


Seems you also submitted a request -

Please see the comment there.


Dmitry solved it:  

Make sure markers are enabled - Highlight modified line in gutter at Preferences | Editor | General

Important info for anyone who might come across this page in the future:

There is also a case where the usually very broad stripe marking the changes in the gutter isn't filled with color, but only outlined with a very thin line (1px?), which  - depending on your theme - can make it barely visible.

This is NOT a faulty setting or a bug or anything, it's simply caused by your changes being in a different than the "Default" changelist. (Usually happens when "unshelving".) Just go to the git view and move your changes to the default list.

Almost drove me insane...


I fixed this issue by configuring the 'Path to Git executable' under 'Version Control' -> 'Git'

(This field was blank for me before)


Lately a weird bug came out, basically I see the changed lines until I save the file, as soon as I press ctrl+s the markers disappear until I start to edit again, after that all the markers appear again, I tried everything to fix this


Cristiano Is there a chance that you have symlinks in your repository? Or perhaps multiple repositories?


Cristiano I have a similar issue. From time to time, the IDE will just stop showing changes in the gutter and the only solution I found is a restart. Ruslan Kuleshov No symlinks in my project.


Please feel free to submit a support request with logs attached, so we could take a closer look.


This happened recently in PHPStorm. The location for PhpStorm 2022.3 is now Version Control > Confirmation > Gutter.