The code inspection in AppCode incorrectly show "Use of undeclared type" error


AppCode 2017.3.3. The code inspection in AppCode sometimes incorrectly show "Use of undeclared type". The module has been imported and the app can running well. Also, there are no errors in XCode for the same files.


Which module is that (some open-source framework, your private module)? Could you post a screenshot that demos the problem?

Same here !

I have imported my own framework, and still, it show an incorrect "Use of undeclared type" but the app run well

In this screenshot, 'Color' is a class from an imported home made framework (no carthage or cocoapods)


Hi Thomas.

Could you try workaround suggested here?


I have the same issue. The app will compile and run properly with the imported framework, but AppCode will still give me the "Use of undeclared type 'Type'" error hint.