Markdown preview jumps up and down

The Markdown plugin's preview has stopped working correctly for me.

When I edit a Markdown file using the Markdown plugin, my preview window jumps back and forth between the edit point and the start of the file. Sometimes these jumps are so quick that I just see a "flash" of the edit point before the preview starts at the top again. When I write reasonably quickly, the preview window is constantly jumping back and forth between the top and the edit point.

If I have "auto-scroll preview" enabled, for most keypresses, there is a brief "flash" of the edit point before the preview goes back to the top again. If I use the left arrow to back the cursor into a previous word, the preview shows the edit point. The next time the cursor is between words, the preview window goes back to showing the top again.

If I instead have "auto-scroll preview" disabled, the preview (as expected) never auto-scrolls to the edit point. If I manually scroll the preview there, it will however scroll itself back to the top as soon as I start editing.

This happens in at least two different PyCharm installations, and for different projects. I'm guessing it isn't common to many users, or there would have been more questions on it.

Any ideas on what is causing it, or what I can do to make it behave correctly again?



Same problem. 

I also think a debounce should be added, so the preview doesn't get updated after every keypress, but after I finish typing.


This issue was reported before, but the tickets were closed.

I re-reported it here, perhaps it's a regression:


This problem remains with latest IntelliJ's (2020.2 but older ones too). Dmitry Krasilschikov Can we get an update please?


The problem you've mentioned should be fixed in 2020.3. Could you please check latest EAP?


I can't. This is the latest version according to IntelliJ:

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.3 (Ultimate Edition) Build #IU-202.7660.26, built on October 6, 2020


Can confirm that 2020.3 solves this problem


In 2020.3 the preview window no longer jumps up and down. However, it does not show the correct part of the document. I would expect the preview window to show the same part of the document as I have in my editor window, but the further down a long document I get, the more off the preview is. When I am editing at the bottom of a long document, the preview shows the middle of it.

I write my documentation in MD, and expect to be able to edit long documents, including non-enligsh text, triple-back-tick code boxes and many paragraphs.

Could this be related to different fonts, non-enlish characters or soft-wrapped paragraphs?