Git commit, no changes detected (problem solved)


Hi all :

After I edit a file and commit, it always shows " No changes detected ", and the file I edit, the color change to not what I usually seen before.

Normally should change into this color, right?


Meanwhile,  local changes always show " default " after I edit any files in the project.


I am not sure it's IDE's problem or git's problem, so I use Sourcetree application, and it worked with commit and push to my GitHub successfully.

Here's my IDE Settings / Version Control view

And my Help / Show Log in Explore  file link


My develop environment OS Windows10, Webstorm version is 2018.1.


Seems the status of the files shown as Ignored.

Make sure they are not added to Settings - Version Control - Ignored Files list.


Oh yes, it's been added into ignored files for some reason I don't  know. Thank you so much!


Dmitriy Smirnov answer worked for me perfectly in Webstorm


I came across this thread with a similar problem. But in my case, even though the changed files were reflected in other IDEs, it still didn't appear in the dedicated window in Webstorm. To fix this I have found some setting (which is not so clear in my opinion) to control that. If you turn this OFF, it will add the Default Changelist view.

Preferences → Version Control → Commit → Turn OFF the "Use non-modal commit interface"

That's the Changelist view:



Not sure why this is considered similar.

When the Use non-modal commit interface option is enabled, there is the Commit toolwindow on the left, that shows the Local Changes (where Default changelist resides) and allows committing from there. See

Commit action (Ctrl/Cmd+K) navigates to the toolwindow.

So you don't need to disable the setting to see the changes list.


The solution described above solved my problem.


There is not `Ignored Files` in `Version Control` option. 


Another reason why this can happen: if you clone your local repo in a directory called ~/.git - so you would end up having ~/.git/<project>/.git - then this apparently causes issues detecting changes (version: Intellij Ride 2023.3). But who would do that, right? Well… euhum.


I had similar problem and I solved in a different way. 

I had to go to “Settings” → “Version Control” → “Directory Mappings” and there I had to add the directory of the project to recognize the files I changed. I had two unregistered projects.


I simply had to activate the option “Use non-modal commit interface” and then deactivate it again to make it work.