How to change doxygen documentation template/format?



I'd like to change documentation format to better stick to my team's coding style guide. Currently AppCode, upon typing `/**` and hitting enter adds asterisk to each line.

I'd like to change that so no asterisks are added and text is align for example like this:


Is this possible? I was searching for such template in preferences but didn't find anything unfortunately. I want to use such formatting for both Obj-C++ and Swift files, if possible. 


Hi Marcin.

Comment generation is not yet implemented for Swift. Please vote & watch OC-14036

As for Objective-C, there is no option to control that leading asterisk at the moment. I've created corresponding request - please vote for it as well.  

Could someone from JetBrains team comment on above? Thank you in advance.


Hi Tatiana, thank you very much for your response and that you took time to create a corresponding request.

I've already voted, but as this feature most likely be low-priority, I think I'll reformat documentation using git pre-commit script.