Jenkinsfile highlighting


Hello everyone!

I'm trying to enable highlighting for Jenkinsfile and can't find a way. Seems that RubyMine (unlike Idea) doesn't support Groovy at all. Any ideas how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance

King regards,



Hello Sergey,

Groovy is available only in IDEA so in case you want to work with both Ruby and Groovy please consider using IDEA Ultimate Edition. 


Still, Jenkinsfile is a Jenkins Groovy DSL file associated in many project, despite project programming languages used (as Jenkinsfile defines CI pipelines). Not having syntax highlighting in for example Goland creates the need to switch to competition that can cover both cases (all competition, actually).


I have to agree with Tomasz.  All languages have a need to support Jenkins pipelines, so having Groovy available in WebStorm, PHPStorm, RubyMine, and others seems like a no brainer.

Note: I have a the "All Products" subscription, so I could use the Ultimate Edition.. However, that seems like a big leap to make if I just need to edit a Jenkinsfile once in a while.


I just added a feature request to YouTrack, WebStorm's issue tracker. You can find and upvote it: WEB-43111