Can't type in JShell Console


And I dont have ideaVim installed either


2017.3.2 CE


Does the problem reproduce on 2018.1.5 CE?


I may have been doing the wrong thing, since the run CL window for this is also named JShell console I was trying to type into this window.

I thought it would be a console like the CL console.

It was not apparent to me that the active editor was in fact the JShell editor and we had to hit Play - that was unintuitive, as we are not used to CL stuff being in an editor, and even more so as on of my super-large mons, ok, my TV it showed up like this below (see position of active tab name) so I had no idea it was the JShell Console (need to come up w/ better names for windows IMO :) and fix resolution stuff like this

Also, on a different note I also posted this, based on me thinking I was on a recent version - well the 2017 shoulda been a dead-give-away but I wasn't paying attention. The IDE is supposed to be smarter than us ;)

Getting a lot of weirdness with the IDE's JShell as compared to JShell itself but thats a different post.

Have a nice rest of the day and thanks for responding !