What do, the two options `using explicit_module groups` and using `qualified names` do?

The two options using explicit_module groups and using qualified names are in step 3 of IntelliJ IDEA Gradle New Project creation. What do, the two options using explicit_module groups and using qualified names do?Why is the step 3 window of IntelliJ IDEA Community version, which I have, different from the step 3 window of the IntelliJ IDEA video at https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/gradle.html?.The step 3 window in the video does not have the two options?


Excellent question. I would like the answer to be as easy to find as the question;-)


Really, there should be an answer to this. From what I have gathered from the docs and blog posts, there appears to be an older version of module grouping and then an automatically generated version of module grouping.  The option "using explicit_module groups" is there to support older projects which have defined module groupings.  The other option "using qualified names" will recreate the modules grouping packages together by fully-qualified classnames.

I feel like this could be completely wrong because it's really not explained well (as far as I can see).

... so on stack overflow there is an answer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48162404/intellij-gradle-using-explicit-module-groups-vs-using-qualified-names

It appears that qualified names only really makes sense in Java 9+ with Jigsaw.