Missing variable assignment alignment feature for python?


Code Style (for code reformatting) for Python is missing a feature to align grouped variable assignments so that their values are vertically aligned. This feature is available for other languages in the IntelliJ Platform, such as

Javascript (Code Style > Wrapping and Braces > Variable declarations) 

Java (Code Style > Wrapping and Braces > Group declarations)

For python there's the Code Style > Other > Dict alignment that accomplishes something similar but for dictionary definitions.

Does this feature not exist for python or am I missing a configuration? If there's no such built-in feature, are there any plugins I can get?


I am looking for this feature as well


I'm also looking for this feature for Python as well.


Hi all,

I couldn't find a relevant feature request in our tracker, so please feel free to submit one https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY