Jasper Reports / Jaspersoft Studio Plugin



I am curious if you plan a plugin or an integration for Jasper Reports or Jaspersoft Studio. I'd really like to see jasper report editing, designing and compiling on IntelliJ. Since you offer Android Studio with a designing tool for Android UI it can't be that hard to do the same for jasper reports.




It's not planned, sorry.


We work also oft with Jasper and I need to switch Eclpise and IntelliJ all the time.. Thats the reason why half of the 2000 people company uses Eclipse and not IntelliJ, they are tired for switching...


jasper plugin would be very useful



I have developed a simple plugin to view and edit jrxml (jasper report source files) in IntelliJ Idea.


It's in a very early stage and currently, only support auto-complete and syntax highlighting only. I will develop some other advanced features in the near future. (Eg: create new .jrxml files from the context menu, compile .jrxmls files into .jasper files, etc.

Please contribute and report if you found any bugs. 



Hi everyone,


I'm currently a eclipse user but I'm interesting in IntelliJ.

At work, only one person uses IntelliJ and all others uses eclipse. In fact that we uses jasper reports also

would be a nice argument to switch to IntelliJ, otherwise we would switch eclipse and IntelliJ, which wouldn't be nice and many of us wouldn't use IntelliJ.


So I would appreciate if a jasper-plugin can be used in IntelliJ.