Database plugin unable to view binary UUID

The database plugin that comes with Intellij Ultimate is unable to display UUID's that are stored in binary format, it shows as gobbledygook. 

Current behaviour displays as:
What I would expect to see:

If I select the cell in Intellij and hit copy, it will paste correctly, so why can it not display nicely? It would be really nice to not have to switch to a different DB tool just because I need to have legible UUID's.


Meltedyeti I too would like to see support for this - as a stop gap solution you could create a mysql view [1] and then look at the view in jetbrains instead of the raw table

The view you create would call a function on the uuid column (BIN_TO_UUID() (mysql8)) lesser versions of mysql you will need to create your own bin2uuid/uuid2bin functions and i strongly suggest reading up on storing uuid's efficiently (re-ordering fragments) if you haven't already.



*edit* here's an example view you can create

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW v_organizations AS SELECT id, BIN_TO_UUID(uuid) AS uuid, reference, name, created_at, deleted_at FROM organizations;