Feature Request: Support for multiple package requirements files

A very common paradigm in Python packages is to have the setup.py file with all of its `install_requires` for dependencies that are essential to running the package, but then also a requirements.txt/requirements.devel for packages that are used during development/testing/releasing but not needed by end users (things like nose, pyfakefs, or mock).

At the moment, if you don't specify a requirements file in Settings>Tools>Python Integrated Tools>Packaging>Package requirements file, it defaults to reading setup.py (for the purposes of the inspection that warns you about requirements, etc). If you *do* add requirements.devel then it stops looking at setup.py and you'll just have a different set of errors.

I would love the ability to specify multiple requirements files in that setting, or at least don't ignore setup.py if one is set - I can't imagine any situation where setup.py's install_requires should be superseded anyway.


Ran into the issue that I use a separate requirements.txt for my test dependencies which I do not want to install/include in my production Docker environment. Right now there is no way to show PyCharm that I do have the dependencies in a requirements.txt.


Same case here, I have a main requirements.txt file and then another one for the test requirements called test-requirements.txt. I'd like to be able to tell PyCharm that I have multiple files for that.


Just stumbled upon exactly the same issue. Hopefully, this gets implemented at some point.


I believe this is covered by the following YouTrack ticket: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-21113

You're welcome to comment and leave a vote to increase the ticket's visibility and priority.


I would say this [1] is the one covering this issue, although both are related for sure and maybe that could be reflected on the issues.

I already added a comment and my vote.

[1] https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-9941