Generate SQL on table objects


Hi All,

I think many Datagrip users miss this feature in this great IDE.

Use case:

Merge statement to table with 50 fields its kind of heavy to prepare. I know we can select fields from catalog views but its a lot of work. While other free IDE e.g. DBeaver support functionality to generate (SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE and MERGE) statements on table object.

I would love to stick with DG but this is kind of annoying.

Thank you




exactly, thats the reason why I have to switch back to mysql workbench. An all-time window with the corresponding SQL-Query for every action on the IDE (e.g. SELECT or UPDATE) would be really helpful.

Personal I'm doing a lot of manual sql-statement handwriting on given sql-code generate by mysql workbench. Viewing & editing SQL-Statements on every IDE action would be a very nice feature for coming DataGrip versions.





I agree with this post, I voted for this post, but a (substandard) work-around is using the intellisense prompting to create the sql.


There is feature request you can track and vote for.