Swift refactoring


Hi! Is there any info on when the Swift refactorings that existed for Objective-C will be available for Swift?

I'm looking for the following functionality specifically:

  • Creating a parameter by using it first
  • Creating a new method by using it first
  • Extracting a superclass
  • Extracting a subclass
  • Inline parameters and method calls
  • Viewing unused local variables, properties, methods, classes, protocols
  • Wrap in NSLocalizedString


Create method intention is available since AppCode 2016.3. You should be able to use it by hitting Option+Enter on unresolved method call, e.g.

There is also Extract Method available via Option+Cmd+M for creating new method from an expression, e.g. from 1 + 2.


As for other refactorings, those are not implemented yet, but they are in our roadmap for future versions. Please vote for the tickets so that we can prioritise:

- Introduce parameter: OC-11594

- Extract superclass: OC-13299

- Extract subclass: OC-13298

- Inline method: OC-16375, inline parameter: OC-17614

- Unused code inspection (see subtasks): OC-17227 

- Localization intentions (including wrap into NSLocalizedString): OC-11392 

Thanks Tatiana! I've voted for those tickets 👍🏻